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Welcome To Model Railroader Crossroads

Consider this to be your personal invitation to join the new Model Railroader Crossroads Page - a model railroading community where any and all model railroaders can join and enter into discussions about ... you guessed it - model railroading. 

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About the Forum

The Model Railroader Crossroads community stretches far and wide across all continents. I don't think there is a country in this world that doesn't have people interested in model railroading. And one of the things that model railroaders like to do is talk about trains. Just ask one and you'll see what I mean. 

So I thought it might be a good service to the model railroad community to set up a page where they could connect to other model railroaders anywhere and ask questions, share information, provide links to their websites or Youtube videos and get conversations going. No membership or fees required.

Forum Rules 

Comment Policy:

Whatever comment you make here MUST be about model railroading, MUST be clean and family-friendly, NEVER derogatory and NEVER about politics, or the comment will be taken down immediately. DO NOT enter any personal information. DO NOT enter any links that are not about model railroading, railfanning, railroads or railroad history.

30-Day Trial

I'm doing this on a thirty-day trial basis to see what interest it might generate. So, if you like the idea, put in a comment, or click on the thumbs up emoji. Or if you think it's superfluous since we have too many social media outlets as it is, go ahead and say so, or click on the sad emoji.

Write Something about Model Railroading

I'm sure other model railroaders would like to hear about your tips, techniques, how you got started, how you scratchbuilt your model, problems you've encountered and questions you may have. Don't be shy. Just Do It!

Just scroll down to where it says "Join the discussion" and start typing.

I've already added a couple of topics to which you may want to reply.

Just hit the "reply" button and go for it!

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