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There seems to be a never-ending flow of new model railroading tips and techniques that I run into almost every day that are neat, exciting and even useful in building and maintaining model railroads. I really like these little gems, and I frequently find myself saying, "Now why didn't I think of that?!"

I thought it might be helpful to many model railroaders to try to put a lot of these items together in an email-based newsletter that could be printed out and stored in the railroad room for easy reference.

Thus the former BYMRR-Zine (pronounced beemer-zeen) concept was born - now known as Tracks!  This monthly publication contains lots of tips, techniques and news items, compiled into a one-page easy-to-read printable text that will help you build, enhance and maintain your model railroad empire. All credits and references will be provided if available.

Contributions are welcome and encouraged!

If you wish to submit a tip for entry into Tracks), don't hesitate to fill out the form on the Comments Page

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Back Issues of the BYMRR Newsletters

If you didn't get your latest copy of Tracks or the former BYMRR-Zine Newsletter and would like one, click here...

There is a huge wealth of information, tips, techniques and article reviews in these old newsletters dating back to 2009 and they are all searchable from any of the Search boxes on this site. I find it interesting just to peruse some of these old newsletters.  Many of the techniques described are still applicable today.  You won't find these little gems in the regular pages of this site, but they are available in the old newsletters if you look for them.

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