Create A Website of Your Own!

- How to Get Started

Why Should You Create A Website?

Are your expenses always higher than your income?

Are you living from one paycheck to another? Can't save any money?

Wouldn’t you like to have an extra $5000 a year to spend on a vacation for the family?

Wouldn’t you like to have some extra money to spend on your hobby instead of feeling guilty about using family money every time you want to buy a new locomotive?

Are you looking for an online job where you can work from home?

For only $29.99 per month, you can build your own website, monetize it, and start making $500/month in the first 6-12 months. That’s over a 1600% return on your investment! Every month!

Solo Build It (SBI) taught me everything I needed to know about designing and customizing my own site. The only thing I had to do was write the content. The program formats your content into a webpage for you. I didn’t have to know anything about computer code to do it.

If you know anything about anything, you can create a website.

If you are interested in anything, but don’t know much about it, you can learn enough about it online to create a website.

If you have a product or service to sell, local or international, you can take it to the next level with a website.

If you have 2 hours a week to spare, you can create a website.

How do you know it will work?

Almost all SBI websites end up in the top 10% of all websites in the world. This site ( is in the top 1%!

Why? Because they give you the right tools. They teach you about business on the Internet – what works and what doesn’t – and show you the absolute best ways to make a profit.

If you follow the easy SBI Video Guide, which explains everything, and if you put in the work to write the content, it’s certain to work for you, too.

I did it. My son did it. Hundreds of others who knew nothing about Internet business up front have done it, successfully - using SBI.

How do you get started?

It’s very easy! You only need to do 3 things:

1. Sign up with SBI

2. Follow the video guide carefully

3. Then start writing your content in short one-page articles.

The SBI program does the rest.

If your content provides good information, and if you follow the video guidelines, the traffic will follow automatically. Once you get enough traffic, SBI will show you how to monetize your site – i.e., make it profitable.

What if you need help?

SBI and the SBI Forum provide all the help you need to create a very successful website. Their support team is very responsive, very friendly and very eager to help you – either by email or phone. If you become successful, they will be successful, so their incentive is to make your site work for you.

Are you all alone in this endeavor?

You’re NEVER alone!

The SBI Forum is huge and very actively attended including many helpful posts by the CEO and founder, Ken Evoy. Seasoned SBIers are very helpful and go out of their way to help. They have learned many things from the Forum over the years that have helped them, and they are therefore eager to “pay it forward”, as they say, to newer members. You can even ask them to look over your site periodically and make suggestions on how to make it better.

What makes SBI different from all the other web-hosting companies out there?

1. They teach you about Internet business and how to make a profit.

2. They show you how to make your site popular with the Search Engines, like Google and Yahoo.

3. They provide ALL the tools you need to create a website without requiring you to get a degree in computer science.

4. They stay with you and provide whatever help and support you need along the way for no extra fee.


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How do you sign up?

Go to the SBI website to learn more and sign up at the bottom of the page. You won’t be sorry.

If you would like to know more from me about this, I’d be happy to share my own experiences with SBI. Send me an email to, or to

If you like this site and want to create a profitable, successful website of your own, there is simply no better way to do it than through SBI!

-Written by Greg Warth, creator, designer and author of - (This site was started in May, 2008 and became profitable within 10 months. It was built in my spare time while working 60 hours/per week at my primary job, while building three other websites, and while building my fourth model railroad layout! – If I can do it, so can you!:)


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