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Model railroad coaling station and mountains

Displaying model train photos is probably the most exciting section of this entire website.

This is the place where we can show off and brag about the great work that we’ve done and show other model railroaders what we’ve been up to.

Also, we can be inspired by what others have done and strive to make our own layouts even better as a result.

Send in Your Photos

I would like to use this section as a place where you can submit your own train pictures for all of us model railroaders to enjoy. Just use one of the forms at the bottom of this page to send your individual photos or a whole web page of photos if you wish. I will either post the photos, or a link to the photos, on this page along with your descriptions. (I won't post your email address.)

If you would rather not use the form at the bottom of the page, you can just send in your photos as an email attachment to Make sure you include your name, email address, and general location and tell us a few words or a story about the photos.

The photos will then show up either on this page or as a link from this page. I will add more gallery pages as needed.

If you would like to show off your layout (or even a small section of it), on the Showcase page, click here. To see the showcase layouts that have been entered so far, click here. There are lots of photos of model railroads on these Showcase pages.

Also, if you like rail fanning and have some photos that you have taken of prototypical trains or railroad equipment, please feel free to send those in as well.

Learn how to photograph your layout

If you would like to review a few tips and techniques on how to take great model railroad photos, check out the photography tutorial page.

Also, you may want to see the page on O. Winston Link, one of the the great masters of railroad photography from the steam era.

Train Posters

If you would like a train poster to put up in your train room, check out the variety of photographs and art work that are available in poster form at Train Posters

Train Cams

Installing a video camera on your train is another fun way of enhancing your model railroading experience. Open the page on train cams to find more information on this.


My Layout Photos

The following photos are scenes taken from my own freelanced N scale layout based on the Pocahontas Roads in the Appalachian Mountains circa 1948-1952 when steam was still going strong. My version of the prototype is called "Pokie Roads" and serves as a division of my newly expanded larger layout, now called the Blue Ridge and Southern. You have already seen a smattering of these photos used to illustrate other pages on this site; but here are several of them all together in one slideshow:

Pokie Roads: Blue Ridge and Southern Railroad

Pokie Roads - Blue Ridge and Southern RR from Greg Warth on Vimeo.

Here is a listing of some of the pages from this site and others containing lots of photos:

Small N-Scale Layout Project

Chesapeake Bay and Western

Don Cook's Great Northern, Spokane Division


RiverPass III

NYC Garden Railroad

Seaboard Historic Railway Station

Southeastern Railway Museum

Dave Coble's Horace and William Creek Railroad - an On30 narrow gauge modular layout.

Gordon Wahay's Layout - Halifax, Bedford and Dartmouth, circa 1917

Northern Hills Railway Society - photos by Jack Anfinson

KCS&P Fast Freight RR - built by Ted DiMone in O Gauge.

Photos from other model railroaders

Here are some great prototypical and model railroad photos from the website that you might enjoy.

Hey Kids!

Here's a video tour of the San Diego Railroad Museum that you're sure to enjoy. Just click on the link...

San Diego Railroad Museum


Check out this video of street running from

Enjoy lots of prototypical railroad photos here...

Click here to visit RailPictures.Net!

Here is one of the great videos sent to me by Jack Anfinson. I'm always impressed by the length of his trains and the fact that they always stay on the track! Talk about fantastic track-laying skills...


Upload your photos here...

Please Note: If you would rather not use the forms below and if you wish to send your photos and/or videos directly to me, use the following address: (It may be easier for both of us. I promise that your email address is safe with me.)

If you decide to use one of the forms below, please write in something about your photos or your layout in the space provided. Make a story about them if you wish. Then click on the button at the bottom that says, "Click here to get the address to upload your photos", or "Post your photos". You will then receive the actual email address to upload your photos or videos. I realize this is an extra step, but it helps to cut down on spam. If you don't see your photos show up in either the Showcase page or the Gallery page within a week, that means I didn't get them. In that case, just use my direct email address:

Upload Individual Photos

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Submit Your Photo Web Page for Posting on This Site (Railroad Photos Only!)

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Model railroad jug band

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