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·       Personal statement: My guiding principle in authoring this site (www.building-your-model-railroad .com) is to provide free information for other model railroad enthusiasts and hobbyists and anyone else who wants to learn about the hobby or the history of railroads.

·       My primary aim is to help visitors find solutions to a problem, meet a need or fulfill a desire as it relates to model railroading.

·       As part of that, I recommend products/services I genuinely believe will be of help in making my visitors' lives happier or easier.

·       If you click a link to that product/service and buy it, I stand to earn a small commission. The item does not cost you any more than it would otherwise. This is called being an "affiliate." This helps to defray the cost of maintaining the site and to provide a very small income for the many hours of work that I have put into it – out of love of the hobby and my desire to help others to learn about it.

·       Specifically, as an Amazon Associate, SBI (Site-Build-It) Affiliate, Commission Junction Affiliate and Ebay Partner, I earn from qualifying purchases.

·       From Google Ad links, I earn a small commission if the user clicks on one of those links.

·       Please note that throughout this website, all ads or links to pages or products where I could potentially earn any fee - that are not already clearly marked as an ad, or a sponsored link - will be marked with a checkmark √.

·       That said, these are products I have either (a)tried myself and loved, (b)received recommendations from people I trust, or (c) don't have any direct experience with but have researched extensively enough to know or believe that they will help.

·       To the best of my knowledge, I do not use affiliate merchants that, unknowingly to the user, put cookies on your browser.  If that does happen to occur, then If you buy a different product from the same place within a couple of weeks, or in some cases, up to 90 days, I may also receive a commission. Many sites do use cookies, but they will let you know first. You may elect to remove all cookies from your browser after you have been shopping by going into your browser settings and clicking on "clear cookies".

·       Rest assured that this does not influence any of the information on this site. I always give my honest opinion and the best of my experience, and I undertake to identify all sponsored content to you as much as possible.

·      There are many links on this site to Amazon, EBay and others that have not yet been clearly marked as √ads, although I am in the process of changing that as quickly as I can.

·        The existence of this site is totally dependent on ads.  Also many of the ads show new products that enhance your knowledge and understanding of the content.  Please consider disabling your ad-blocker while browsing here.

·       If you have questions about any of this, I'll be happy to help. Use my contact page to get in touch.

·       You may also wish to review our Privacy Policy.

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