Back drop Painting

by Allen
(BC, Canada)

Backdrop at the Helix

Backdrop at the Helix

Having put off the backdrop for years I put my anxiety aside and jumped in with both feet. There was a lot of left over paint from house makeovers and the colour seemed OK, so why not.

I gathered some paint brushes, and not the artist type mind you, some palette type knives and started putting paint on the wall. I didn't bother with detachable mural board, or whatever it's called, just used the back wall and ceiling as the blank canvas.
The result was pleasing to my eye and others as well.

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Jun 11, 2015
Painting is Fun
by: Allen

Thank you for your observations. Above all, painting need not be ominous. The biggest lesson i learned in the endevour: The process first, the goal far down the road...

Dec 31, 2014
Nice one
by: Norah Johnson

Hi. I loved your painting! Great work! I’m interested to know about your technique. As an aspirant it would help me a lot. I would like to know if it is always necessary to paint the background first.

May 29, 2010
Backdrop Painting Techniques
by: Allen

Thanks first of all for your generous reply, secondly for lighting a fire under me regarding sharing the techniques used in painting.
If you're familiar with Bob Ross the painter featured on PBS (since passed on) he perfected the "wet-on-wet" method of painting; where the artist uses the attributes of the applied paint, then lifts it, or draws it out in subsequent layers with pallete knife or brush. Ross can explain it much better. Check out this link:


Since I used latex paint, which dries quicker than artist paint, it necessitated that I use a extender - used to lenghten drying time when sponge painting etc. Then, it's just a matter of practice, using a variety of brush strokes and tools to get the effect. Nothing surprised me more than the effect one gets from simply doing it. Don't fear the canvas - just paint. You'll know the effect is right when you see it. Choose colours that are muted. Mix and mix till it matches a photograph you've taken. Don't over emphasize any one part. Let the imgagination take over.
An artist friend of mine gave me a tip on painting clouds; reconize that on a typical cloudy day similar clouds are prevalent. These clouds seen near the horizon are narrow to the eye, while the same clouds near over head will have a rounder, or fuller shape. Painting them with these attributes will give depth to your work.

Apr 21, 2010
Nice work
by: Anonymous

Allen, very nice work. Especially like the depth you achieved. The only thing I don't like is that you did not share your technique... the hows. Whattaya think? Wanna share?

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