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This page is an inventory of model train supplies that I thought would be of interest and value to visitors looking for certain items related to building their train layouts or expanding their supply of model railroad equipment.

These items are listed according to manufacturer or categorized according to the type of product. Most of these model train supplies are priced very reasonably and many are considerably less than what you will find on many other sites.

As you can readily see, is the supplier or handler of many of these products, serving as the retail agent for a number of manufacturers, using high volume of sales as a method of keeping prices low. In addition, they provide very quick and reliable service.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, you might try using the Amazon search links, click on the eBay links, or check out the Resources page on this site for more model train suppliers. Also Woodland Scenics has an impressive array of supplies for layout building, dioramas, signal systems and lighting systems.

(Note: Any purchase you make on Amazon or Ebay linked from this site will help support the site and the many hours of work required to maintain it.)

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Model Train Supplies

Atlas train supplies
Model Power
Woodland Scenics

-->Or check out the model train supplies on Ebay...

Product categories or search terms that can be used with either Amazon or Ebay

Electric Train sets
Steam Locomotives
Diesel Locomotives
DCC Locomotives
Freight cars
Passenger cars
Train couplers

Railroad Tracks
Track nails

Electrical Supplies
DCC decoders
Train transformers
Atlas model wire
Grain of Wheat bulbs
Toggle Switches

Categorized by scale
Lionel supplies – O27
American Flyer trains – S scale
G scale supplies
O Scale supplies
O27 scale supplies
HO scale supplies
N scale supplies
Z scale supplies

Hand tools
Power tools
Hobby tools
Dremel rotary tools
Woodworking Tools

Painting and Weathering supplies
Model Paint
Weathering supplies


Buildings and Structures


Hint: Keep a collection of your model train books on Kindle so you can have all of them with you when you work on your layout.

Garden Scale Structure Plans - traceable templates and dimensioned plans for 1:24 scale buildings from

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