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Why do we need model railroading product reviews?

When building our model railroads, we purchase many products over time that we need for various projects, including building benchwork, operating locomotives, running trains, track-laying, track planning, scratchbuilding and installing decoders to name just a few.

When we buy these products, how do we know which one of a certain item is the best value for the money or the best quality?  Most of us can't afford to spend money on things that don't work well.  Unless you have already had experience with the item you are about to buy or unless you get a recommendation from someone you trust to give you the right information, you're basically flying blind. The best thing you can do in that situation is to do some research and find honest reviews from others who know about the product and who would hopefully be less biased than the manufacturer.

The purpose of this page and this section of the website is to do just that - provide model railroading product reviews for hobbyists and craftsmen who are looking for a certain item, but are having difficulty choosing one because there are so many different brands and such a variety of different features and prices, you're just not sure which is the best for what you need.

I have done some product reviews and plan to do many more, but I also want to include reviews from other experts in the field who know more about some items  than I do and who can provide correct and unbiased information about them - both the good and the bad.  

Here are some excellent resources to get you started...

The Saw Guy - Great information and comparative reviews on milling machines, saws and many other commonly used tools.

Chandler Tools -Glue GunHeat GunWood-burning / Soldering

Model Railroad News Archives - Contains lots of reviews on locomotives, railcars, books and many other items.

Model Railroader Magazine - Search an extensive variety of model railroading product reviews.

Railroad Model Craftsman - Great model railroading magazine and well-known for their product reviews.

JLWii2000 Train Product Reviews, How-To's & More on YouTube - James Wright's Facebook Page linking to multiple videos containing product reviews.

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