My HO train layout

by Russ Suender
(Pottsville PA.)

6x6 layout

6x6 layout

I used a 6x6 foot section of thick plywood for the base supported by two sawhorses. I bought a cheapo Bachmann train set and an oval track layout. The steam locomotive gave me a lot of trouble, so I bought a Bachman San Francisco cable car which runs better than the locomotive did. The couplers on the rolling stock also gave me a lot of trouble being that they weren't Kaydee style. The layout theme is the 1930's era with a working silver mine, a wharf, an abandoned haunted cemetery (with a zombie and vampire rising from the grave, a South Western USA village, and a large farm with a home, barn, and sheds. More scenery to add. I added quite a few scratch-built structures for the wharf and the village.

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Sep 05, 2021

by: Dr. Greg

You can certainly use one of these N-scale track plans for an HO layout, but the space required would be quite a bit larger than what is shown here. Since HO trains, tracks and structures are twice the size of N-scale, you can assume you would need twice the amount of space as a general rule. Having said that, some of those plans could potentially be modified so that they could be used for HO in somewhat less than twice the space. However, I would make it easy on yourself and just find an HO trackplan that fits your needs. There a probably more HO trackplans out there than there are N-Scale plans. Keep looking and you'll find a good one. Or, design your own!

Sep 05, 2021
Building a layout

Hi is it possible to use a layout like these for HO or do i need to just use ho specific ones?

May 28, 2021

by: Greg

Great work!
Thank you so much for sharing your layout with us. Your scratch-building work is impressive and commendable. I like the cemetery, which adds a lot of interest and humor. Keep us posted as you add more scenery and structures. Thanks again!

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